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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone! I don't have much to share but what I have is kinda lengthy.


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2) If you didn't see this on Facebook...
In 2005 we went to Nashville. One night we went to a few bars listening to local
music. There was this one guy in particular that was realllly good that we all just thought was great. So great that I decided to snap a quick picture. As I did that I said out loud "someday this guy is going to be someone."

So fast forward until last week.... I had got out an old album to add another photo to it and started looking at the photos from that trip. I finished, put the album away on got on to check my facebook. I had a little suggestion thing on the side that suggested I "like" Jason Aldean. At that moment I jumped up and ran back to the album. I started comparing the photos that I had with the ones on his FB. I even looked up his bio to see if he was even in Nashville at that time AND he was... playing @ local bars. I SWEAR it is him. Not positive but see what you think!!

My pic is dark but I think you can still see it ok.


JA cropped



3) The Summer Nights Mini Sessions are going to be awesome!

Here are some (lots) of Laykin from lastnight... They are some of my favorite photos ever.
I really love these sessions.

You can see more about it HERE.

1 b





3 b











2  b

4) Something crazy... I booked a Christmas Session today. Crazy huh!? I know that it's still June but I will have a little more info about Holiday Sessions coming out in Newletters soon.

That's all for this week. It is now 8:30 and I still have tons to do before bed. Have a great rest of the week!

Monday, June 28, 2010


Just found out some super exciting news!! A couple weeks ago I got an email from
this mag about a photo that she seen on my blog. She said that she was "in love with it"
and I was totally honored. She asked me for a high res file for the possibility of it
being in the mag. I was so excited but wasn't getting my hopes up. This morning,
Kayleen, mommy of the model :) informed me that she seen it on their website and
it was going to be ON THE COVER of next weeks issue. I am SO stoked!! Eeek.


here is the link:

(yes i know that they did something crazy wrong to my name :) lol)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hardaway Wedding . part 1

The connection between them is amazing. The way that they look at each other is
captivating. Their love is inspiring.

It was such an honor to be a part of Justin and Brianna's day and even more than that,
the opportunity to get to know them over the coarse of the past several months.
I honestly gain something from each Wedding. Each couple has a story, a history
and a future. I love getting to know them and even staying in touch after the
Wedding is over. I really think that Bri and I will remain friends for a very long time.
I wish she and Justin absolutely nothing but the best! They are incredible people
and that makes for a pretty awesome couple.

(I will post more of this Wedding soon, for now I am out the door to shoot a Bridal Session)

They had amazing details:

details 1 b

details 2 b

details 3 b

Her Dress:

dress b

Shoes and Bouquet:

shoes flowers b

ready b






the guys:

guys 1 b

Their first look was fantastic:









lots more to come ;)

Summer Nights....

bed summer sessions email b

email me with any questions.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Random Wednesday

YES! I am doing RW this week. Sorry about last week. (Kayleen) :)
I hope that everyone is having a great, HOT summer. This heat is insane and
makes it a little challenging to say the least when taking photos. Who
wants to be all sweaty in their photos?!


1) Who has seen this on the YAHOO! homepage??

Would you believe: $75 million for an unfinished house?


complete with the following:

•a bowling alley
•an indoor roller rink
•a movie theater
•a video arcade
•a fitness center
•a baseball field
•two tennis courts


2) I posted a photo that I took of my grandparents last week for their 50th
Wedding Anniversary... I had to post this one as well. I love it. It shows the
years that they have grown older together. I only wish that I had a photo
just like it of them from 50 years ago... (it kinda reminds me of this session)

Oh how a photo with no faces can say so much.


3) I also took this one of Laykin on the same day.


4) One of my very favorites things about Weddings is being able to capture
the details. Here are a couple of favorites from a recent wedding.



5) Laykin @ tennis. How cute is this!! (p.s. i love you iPhone for always being


6) Just a random roadside :)


7) Over the weekend, we decided to take a couple of hours to go to the dock.
On the way, Laykin fell asleep :D


All she needed was a little catnap... here she is trying to hold her
breath under water I guess...


8) Jaren and I at another Wedding... Ha I should do a post on all the pics
that we take of ourselves @ Weddings. That would be quite funny.


9) Something Crazy : I made a schedule for Christmas Sessions today.
And Halloween. And Fall Mini Sessions. CA-RAZY huh!?
I started booking them in August last year though so have to get ready.

10) SUMMER SALES are coming soon!! (on prints and products)

11) Last bit of Randomness... Here is the very first RW post almost a year ago. Wow time
happy wednesday everyone. go kiss your babies :)


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