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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Random Wednesday

I have had one thing after another today. I was taking a break while Laykin was out
of school... I was going to get caught up on things that have been on the back burner
way too long. We were going to cuddle, watch movies, play barbies and whatever
else out hearts desired. Well, I haven't had one day (besides Christmas day) that
I haven't had something come up. I am ok with that, it means that my business is
growing. That is great. I am excited to have a long weekend again though. I could
get used to this ;) But then, I do have stuff to do. It is never ending. Stuff, stuff, stuff!!

1) Tomorrow is THE LAST DAY to:

1: get in on the Holiday Love 2010

holiday love 2010

2: order prints @ the 2009 pricing

*credit cards now accepted

2) I am so excited for 2010!
really excited. I don't think that I have been this thrilled about a new year in a long time
if not ever. I am anxious to see where LAAP (lifeasaphoto) goes in 2010.

3) My main "goal" for the upcoming year is to get completely ORGANIZED.
At home and at the studio. Mainly my office @ the studio and how I organize all my
different orders, customers, who has done what, what needs backed up, getting prints
pkg'd, ordering, blogging, everything. I want a place and a way to do everything, the
same everytime. A routine! Yes, get organized and create some kind of routine.
I could use any tips I can get. I want not only business organization, but home too.
Laundry room, bills, closets, wrapping paper... please share how you stay sane ;)
with your mad organizing skills.

4) Another reminder:
Valentine Boudoirs are next week. I have 3 spots open. There is only ONE left for
the All About Me pkg with the facial and hair/makeup! Email asap ladies!

vday boudoirs blog

5) Speaking of Boudoir... I had one recently and here is what I can share from it ;)

jen b

6) Now that Christmas is over...
I have taken the tree down! YES! always nice to get things back to normal.
So all that stuff must come down...


7) Wow, our "White Christmas".
It was pretty to wake up with a light dusting and then by the end of the day, it be gone.


8) Laykin's Lessons :)


9) I am so excited for Jaren + Matt. We did their e session yesterday in the freezing cold.
So worth it! More to come....

jaren matt b

10) sweet girl~


11) silly girl~



love this!! ;)


I have more to share, but that will have to be another day. It is 11pm onm new year's eve eve
and I must sleep now ;)
Oh how I have loved sleeping in... no school has been great!
Hope everyone has a great and SAFE new years. I will be blogging lots of sessions soon so
stay tuned.

Remember: COMMENTS MAKE MY DAY :) not to sound desperate ha

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tiffany + Sean

The perfect winter wedding...

It was freezing cold, cloudy and looked like it could snow at any moment. They had
Christmas trees, lights, poinsettia's AND a bagpiper! I have been excited about this
wedding for months. I knew with Tiffany's great style, that she would "bring it" on
her wedding day :) Thank's Jaren for second shooting w/ me again on another fabo

the alter:


there were a lot of great details. she attached her great grandmother's earings to her shoes.

access b

just love this whole series.

dress b




her dad attaching a penny for good luck.




guys b





kiss b

the reception was at Gaston's.


recept details b

cakes b

cakeandtoast b




gastons misc b

we headed out to the game room ;)





and outside. you can't even tell that it was like 20 degrees can ya?!





then they are off....

getaway b

sean and tiffany. i have truly enjoyed getting to know you both over the past few
months. i am so happy for you both.

ceremony: first christian in mtn home
reception: gaston's resort
flowers: annettte's flowers
cake: groom's ricks's in fayettville, ar
bagpipes: kenton adler from lyon's college pipe band in batesville

Sunday, December 27, 2009

4 more days

holiday love 2010

also, print orders must be in by this thursday also to take advantage of 2009

Miss P

After finishing this session, I realized that I only blogged 2 of the photos in a
Random Wednesday post. I couldn't NOT share this sweet girl~
Just a joy to photograph and her images will also be on the etsy shop once I
have the time to get it finished up. These hats will be avaliable for purchase on
there soon.









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