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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hardaway Family

These guys are some of my favorite people. Now they can be one of my favorite little families. I photographed Bri + Justin's Wedding last June and now they have a baby!!! I am so excited for them and I know that they will be amazing parents! xoxo guys!


3 b

1 b


2 b




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** No RW for a couple weeks! We are off to FLORIDA for a family vacation!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I hope that your week is fantastic. With it being August 24th... I am starting to get
the FALL bug! I absolutely love fall. Favorite time of year. I love the crisp mornings,
the colors, mums, pumpkins and gourds, fall parties @ laykin's school, fall sessions, blowing leaves, open windows, cider, orange, halloween, thanksgiving and all the fabulous movies on in October and then all the holiday movies at Christmas time. I love going to Silver Dollar City to see the lights, freezing, having hot coco and that FREEZING ride back to the car. I love the snow, the pure silence that it brings.... ah, yep. I'm ready!

1) I just got the Lowe's Creative Ideas fall edition and it has some great ideas for making your home full of fall beauty. That's what just did it... I am so ready!

2) I can not believe how big my girl is. Big enough that have REAL textbooks and even
an assignment book! Wow, were big time now.


3) and her choice for library checkout this week! mamaw will be proud ;)


4) REO is going to be @ Veda Sheild! What! haha My dad took me to see them when I was
like.... 12. Loved it. Wonder if L would want to go... probably now, they sound nothing like Justin Bieber. They are the radio right now... and I am singing OUT LOUD!!! Yes....

5) I thought that this was ironic... My old tags on top and new ones that came in last week...

tags b

6) Next week we are leaving for Florida. A 10 day trip to Disney, Destin, my uncles and more... We are so excited. L is reallllly excited! Here is the count down.


7) This past year when Laykin was in 2nd grade, they planted flowers for their momma's for Mother's Day. Well hers is still doing great! This is it's 2nd bloom. She loves watching it grow.


8) Kelly Clarkson has a new album coming out in October AND she has started a girl band too! That should be fun. Can't wait to check both of those out.

9) My sweet girl doing her homework Monday night. She was so excited to have homework again! haha


10) just because... it makes me laugh.


11) While I was taking a pic of the flower, Laykin's kitty (chloe) came over to check it out. Pretty sure she has her tongue sticking out at me just a bit ha


12) If/When you have a moment, check out this link. Grab a tissue, you will need it.
Such a great thing though.

Thanks for stopping by. Leave me a comment if you still enjoy Random Wednesday.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


If you are getting married in January, February or March of 2012... today is your day. Email me how your bride/groom to be proposed and you may just get 25% off your Wedding Package! ;)

If you know someone getting married in these months, pass it along.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Baby K

last week this sweet little man came into the studio. i have known his dad since he was just a little
guy so it's crazy to see him grown with his own family :) K was so sweet. here are some favorites.









so sweet.


Halloween and Christmas Openings


Halloween Mini Sessions are OCTOBER 13th. There are a few spots still open and they are $65.

CHRISTMAS SESSIONS are October 23, 25, 26 and 27 only! I will post my "inspiration" below for the Christmas Sessions. There are 3 pkg options and are only 12 spots!

Email to book and for more info:

Here is my little "inspiration board" for the Christmas Sessions.
The cozy, snowy, Narnia look that I am going for and some clothing colors and ideas.

board b

Mertz Wedding 7.9.11

Last month was Tom and Melissa's Wedding @ Dawt Mill. Beautiful day!





















Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Random Wednesday

1) Today was the first day of school, back to our normal routine. I am thankful for that. I love the
summer and working from home to be with my girl but I am glad to have our normal'ness' back!
2) That also including RW!!

3) My sweet girl, the big 3rd grader!


4) This day has been... gosh, I don't even know. Emotional I guess. Not only do I have a 3rd grader but... uh, here goes. It's my 30th BIRTHDAY! That was hard. To write that. OHMYGOSH! I am 30 years old. When did this happen?
I remember thinking that there was NO WAY that I would eeeever to live to be THIS old!
When you are 5 or even 8, 30 is SO OLD. Well I am there now and I guess it's not as old as I
once thought. So today, I turn the big 3-0 and send a big 3rd grader off to school.

5) I was happy to peal this off the door this morning.


6) My bestie made these yummy cake pops for my bday! Red Velvet!


7) A couple of weeks ago when I got back from Mexico, this was on my bulletin board. It made
me smile :) Whatever I can do for ya J.


8) I am just so thankful to everyone that I know. Friends or just people that I "pass by" in my life. I have had over 160 birthday wishes on my facebook page! WOW guys thanks! That has made this day great!

9) This sweet little handsome man was in the studio today... (more to come)


10) Thank you all so much for being great RW readers! Now to get ready for next weeks post!!!


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