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Friday, August 31, 2012

Wesley turns 1

I can't believe that this little guy is about to turn 1! It seems like I just did his newborn session.
He is so sweet and I have really enjoyed watching him grow this year.
Here are some of my favorites from his session and might I add that he sure knows how to
SMASH a cake. :) He was more interested in playing in it than eating it ha!

IMG_9596-1b his momma brought her saddle for him to play on. IMG_9294-2b IMG_9305-1b IMG_9334-1b IMG_9479-1b IMG_9513-1b 2b IMG_9591-2b IMG_9612-1b IMG_9651-1b IMG_9655-1b I think that this one is my fav from the session! ;) IMG_9660-1b IMG_9667-1b or this one! IMG_9684-1b

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Random Wednesday!

WOAH, back up. Is this Random Wednesday ON Wednesday??! ;)

I am getting back to my normal routine and I love it. I miss my girlie while she is in school but I always love getting back to norm and back in the studio. It is almost fall and for me that means crazy busy.

If you are wanting in on any of the mini session going on through out the rest of the year or a you want to book a fall session, please do so ASAP! It is really filling up. I just about have September and Ocotber completely filled. For all the mini sessions coming up... they include the Fall Mini's. This year I have another couch and these are great for the family or even just the kiddos. Here is a little sneak peek into those.

*thanks to the Warno family for being my guinea pigs ;) fall minis blog these session fees start @ $65 and will be Sunday Sept. 16th! You can email me for more info there will also be Halloween Mini Sessions for the kids! That date is still not set but will be in the next couple days. Last we have the Holiday Mini's. I am SOOO excited about these this year. I have this one all planned out and will be so fun, cozy and ahhh I can't wait. These are the first weekend in November! Great for the Christmas Cards and for gifts for the grandparents.

Ok... I was on the hunt for some jasmine tea because I just love the jasmine tea from Blackbird Cafe. (here in town) I found this at WalMart and love it. Really yummy. IMG_4273-1 rw

You may know that I team up with Marvelous! Magazine for their makeovers! They are always a blast and I am thrilled to be a part of it. This is the last issue that came out the first of August and we just shot the newest issue last week so be looking for that. This issue featured the very sweet Lindsey Hardin. I really enjoyed getting to know her and working with Jennifer Porter (which is awesome at what she does!) again. marv rw

I swear, I am always talking about how much I love my phone. Well here is another reason. I keep a notes page for Random Wednesday and anything I come up with a random thought for the blog post, I jot type it down. IMG_0642-1 rw

thank you Apple! :)

and last but certainly not least... my baby girl! I will get around to sharing more soon, hopefully. 2b 1b

a couple more things before I go...

THE VOICE! SEPT. 10th! Woot Woot! :)

and althought I am sad about the damage that Hurricae Issac is causing at this very moment, I am looking forward to a rainy Friday! I am SO getting a movie @ redbox! Ok, that was a long post. Hope you have a fan-tab-u-lous day and chat with you soon! xo

Thursday, August 23, 2012

M + M turn 1

These girls are SO sweet. I love photographing them and their big sis but this
time was just the twins. Their little personalities sure shined on this session.
I have never seen two 1 year olds love cake this much :) They just mmmm'd
and yummm'd... it was so cute!

Here are some fav's!

IMG_3015-1b IMG_3109-1b 2b 5b 3b 4b IMG_3241-1b IMG_3249-1b IMG_3274-1b IMG_3293-1b IMG_3310-1b IMG_3339-1b IMG_3348-2b IMG_3395-1b ahhh! aren't they sweet!!?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wooldridge Family

When Kristen first emailed, she said "So excited! (can't you tell haha)" and I LOVE that :) It makes me happy to have excited clients! :) She had some props set up and ready to go when I arrived. side note: love going to clients homes and bonus when they have props!! So here are a few favs of this uber sweet family.

I would totally be hanging a large print of this in my livingroom. Love how real it is.

IMG_1955-1b IMG_2139-2b IMG_2158-1b IMG_2250-1b IMG_2259-2b IMG_2371-1b IMG_2452-1b IMG_2483-1b IMG_2499-2b 4b

gahhhh! love.

IMG_1939-1b IMG_2231-1b 2b 1b 3b IMG_2278-1b IMG_2297-1b

and this is a pretty good "I'm done" face :)


Thanks guys! Had a great time.


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