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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

introducing: A Day in YOUR life sessions

I have wanted to start offering these sessions for a couple of years now and finally ... this year, I am happy to announce a new kind of session.

For me, photos are all about capturing moments that are happening RIGHT NOW. And also for me this means my daughter reading, riding her bike, crafting or just the things that she does that's totally her. These are the memories and moments that come to mind when I think of her. These are the images I want to hold onto and display in my home. I also want you to be able to have that as well :)

These sessions are great for all ages, they can start at breakfast and go through bath time, playtime or even everyone baking in the kitchen. I come into your home and capture your lives, as they are. In all their glory :) These sessions are COMEPLETELY YOU because I want you to go about your day, your family routine, your family traditions.

These sessions are 2-3 hours and start @ $525 (with DVD of our time)

Sallee Family:

IMG_3878-1 copy IMG_3738-1 copy 5b 6b IMG_3920-1 copy IMG_3906-1 copy IMG_3665-1 copy IMG_3609-1 copy IMG_3572-1 copy IMG_3556-1 copy IMG_3522-1 copy 4b 3b 2b 1b IMG_4032-1 copy IMG_4007-1 copy IMG_3954-1 copy

for more info email: I will be taking a very limited amount of these.

J is 2!

I can't believe this little man is 2 already!! Another favorite little family of mine <3 IMG_4678-2 copy IMG_4688 copy 3b

Hernandez Family

Love this family! B is my BFF from high school and I just love her so much. (and of coarse her amazing family) 1b IMG_2506-1 copy IMG_2537-1 copy

Ali MH Senior 2013

Getting back to blogging...

This is Ali, my awesome intern this semester :)

IMG_4272-1 copy IMG_4526-1 copy IMG_4639-2 copy IMG_4617-1 copy IMG_4544-1 copy IMG_4381-1 copy 7b 6b IMG_4312-1 copy 5b 2b 4b IMG_4289-1 copy IMG_4230-2 copy IMG_4399-1 copy 8b 3b 1b

Friday, April 19, 2013

family time

We had such a great time hanging out with this family a couple of weeks ago! This is a great way to document your family just being YOU! Play! :) xoxo

IMG_3273-1 copy IMG_3141-1 copy IMG_3128-1 copy IMG_3295-1 copy IMG_3371-1 copy IMG_3507-1 copy IMG_3433-1 copy IMG_3404-1 copy IMG_3064-1 copy IMG_3166-1 copy IMG_2625-1 copy 4b 1b 2b


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