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Monday, July 30, 2012


The evening, summer light is so delish.

A month or so ago, Laykin and I decided to go out and "play" in it. Now, it's not very often that she WANTS her picture taken. She has only been in front of the camera for oooh almost 10 years now ;)

I can't believe I haven't shared these before now.

I love having the times that I can just go out, do whatever I want, play around and work for ME! Hope you enjoy :)

My favorite. This WILL be in my house.

IMG_7096-1b 1b IMG_7048-1b IMG_7017-1b IMG_6974-1b IMG_6938-1b 4b 3b 2b

Monday, July 23, 2012

Kaycie . Lantern Mini Sessions

I have really enjoyed getting to know this sweet girl this year. This is her 3rd session with me and each time, I can tell she loves the camera more and more ;) She is always fun to photograph! IMG_9053-1b IMG_9194-1b IMG_9218-1b IMG_9179-1b IMG_9160-1b IMG_9137-1b IMG_9132-1b IMG_9124-1b IMG_9112-1b IMG_9106-1b IMG_9101-1b

Cowart Girls . Lantern Mini Sessions

I had so much fun with all of these super cute sessions this past Saturday! First up are these 3 cuties! IMG_9508-1b IMG_9503-1b IMG_9443-1b IMG_9388-1b IMG_9370-1b IMG_9362-1b IMG_9318-1b

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Thorn Family + A Tea Party

I love getting to see this family. Their girls are so sweet and are getting so big! Here are a few ton of my favs :) We will start with the family photos! IMG_7819-1b There was this sweet moment .... IMG_7892-1b and then ... IMG_7900-1b ;) IMG_7886-1b love these next two. IMG_7852-1b IMG_7841-1b 1b ready for a tea party?? 4b 3b IMG_8151-1b IMG_8143-1b IMG_8133-1b IMG_8110-1b 2b IMG_8083-1b IMG_8073-1b IMG_8042-1b IMG_8007-1b IMG_8035-1b IMG_8017-1b IMG_7992-1b IMG_7988-1b 'clink' IMG_7979-1b IMG_7977-1b IMG_7935-1b IMG_7931-1b told ya there was a lot! hehe if you want to book a Tea Party for your princess, they are Aug. 12th and you can email to book and for more info. Thanks guys! It was great to see you again!


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