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Sunday, January 31, 2010

SUNSHINE this week

This Tuesday and Wednesday look like they are going to be 50 and Sunny!
I have some spots open for outdoor sessions on those 2 days if anyone is
interested in a Winter Session like these below. I am ready to get OUTSIDE :)






Friday, January 29, 2010

emma + ben . valentine session

It is always great meeting up with these kiddos. Emma is always ready to pose and Ben is always ready to... run away. :) They are super cute and a joy to photograph.

1 b

3 b

2 b







Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Random Wednesday

Getting right to it....

1) NO MORE SNOW please :(

2) not enough time to post everything... so i am gonna do it on RW! 2 birds, 1 stone

sabrina (aka sabi) & reggie:
i love these sessions. classic, sexy, simple






3) i heart my phone:
i love that i ALWAYS have a camera with me.
oh and have i said how much i love this new app :)

shake it

look @ all these moments i would have missed :) PLUS when i find things that i like, i just snap
the pic and have it for later...

rw b

4) there are A LOT of times that Laykin gets ahold of my phone. You never know what kind
of things i will find when that happens haha

laykin taking a picture of her reflection:

Picture 208b

laykin's view from the backseat:

Picture 343b

and ..... then there is stuff like this ;)

Picture 383-1b

5) TOTALLY RANDOM. but that's what this day is all about right?!
so here is my question.

Have you ever met a teenage cow?
well my friend Amanda has. She has met a few actually. This morning. The story goes...
She took her dog out for his walk, they go over to the field near their house to "talk to
the FEMALE cows" Ok, so they are for sure female cows, ok... This girl knows her cows.
Then she goes on to tell us how they were "little girl" to "teenage" cows. Really! haha
Who knew cows were so complicated.
love it!! We are all cracking up by this time. It was great. A Random Moment just in
time for today :) xoxo mander

6) i have a new found love for dollar store: 28 bucks!

dollargeneral b

7) i have had a lot of boudoirs lately. i can usually only show ones like these with no faces ;)
these sessions are really a ton of fun! i think that every woman that has done one, has been
completely glad that they did!


8) I hope that everyone stays warm over the next few days. This dang weather that is on the way has me all kinds of upset. I want warm, spring, green, breezes, open windows, birds, flowers, yummy smells.... ahhhh spring!

I am off to watch DAVE (pittman) on IDOL tonight!!! Go MOUNTAIN HOME! :) woot woot
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Nick Gibson

If you like country, you should buy Nick Gibson's album right away.
He plays around Tulsa and Fort Smith if you ever get a chance to go
see him you should... nice guy too!

nick gibson

2 more days

To get the new Disc Case FREE when you purchase your digital files.

disc case b

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Beustring Family

This family is one of my first families and they are also one of my most frequent families.
When the kids see me, they know that we are taking pictures. I love that! Remmington
was just a little baby when I first photographed them and now he's big boy, running all
around and talking... crazy! So anyway, we met up on Friday for some "winter" photos
which was the one season that we haven't done with this family. I really like winter sessions.
You don't really think that it is ideal, but I love the golden hue that this time of year holds,
I like the cloudy days for shooting... no sun in the eyes, I love the sweaters and long sleeves.
So when you think winter is not good for family photos, it is great!
Here are a few of my favorites. AND they brought along their new little puppy, wyatt!





love it!



one of my fav's...i love little wyatt over there minding his own ;)




Untitled-2 b


and love this :) kids will be kids!


i think that this is my favorite family shoot to date, even with the little squinty eyes :)


thanks beustring family for a great time!


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