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Monday, August 31, 2009

Growing Carrots

In Kindergarten, Laykin started this carrot plant. It has grown and grown.
She decided it was time to dig it up. We don't know anything about the carrot
farming biz but we let her go ahead and pull it. Yes, you see a butter knife.
She was trying to "work it loose"! She digs it up to find a little stub, so then
she decides to just replant it :) hoping it will resume growth heehee kids!
love it!

Untitled-1 blog





Thursday, August 27, 2009

{ MY Tree Kicks Bootie }

well since only 2 people told me their fav's about fall :( ...
I can't just pick one of them, so they both will get a tree ;)
and since Neeter has told me a few times HOW MUCH
she would love one... she will also get one.
Congrats Ladies... I love you all.

UPDATE : ATTN all cool tree lovers
WANT A TREE?! one all of your own??!! wanna be a cool kid too?
i have only 1 more tree that could - be - yours!
Leave me comment below about your favorite thing about fall and 1
random person will be chosen by the laykin-ater! You have until tomorrow
afternoon. The lucky winner of "the tree" will be announced right here!

Check out my TREE! I lOVE IT. my mom, jessi and i all match.
we are the cool kids. :)

Untitled-1 b

oh no... now you all know who i am when you pass me. crap. lol
honk if see a tree~

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Woot Woot for Wednesday.
First week of school has officially happened and is now done. On to the
normal routine of life~
I hope that all of you survived it and are now into the "normal" routine
that we all will know over the next 8 months. I for one am not. Late this
morning, we pull into the school @ 7:55. Ok. whew... 5 minutes early HA!
I look behind us in satisfation to the people that are even later than us.
Bad I know. That I am. But she made it in the building before 8:00.
So what have we today on this fabulous ,late August (but feels like September)
Wednesday Morning... May you ask?! I have already been hearing it from
Hayley this morning.... "where's the post? I love random wednesday!"
Love you Hayley. xoxo

1) Like I said, this PUMKIN patch @ my house... must have sprouted from
pumkins that we carved from lastyear that had been tossed over in the burn
pile to rot and never be seen again. NOT the case. Those pumkins had other

We noticed these nice "squash" plants back in the spring. Wow, we didn't
even try AND we grew something... something YUMMY! squash! we were all
proud. growin some squash. THEN the weirdest thing. Those squash plants
GREW PUMKINS! So... yeah, not squash that we had but some pumkins.
Laykin's totally stoked!

Can ya tell???


I have more that I am going to share tomorrow as well as the carrot!

2) The Bauer Family:

Lindsey is in town from L.A. and wanted to get a couple of family shots since
her brother and his family is here too. I had a great time hanging out with
Miss L ... more super fun pics of her below.


3) So when I did Ted + Kristen's Esess a couple weeks ago, I spotted this
WAY awesome place and couldn't wait to try it out. This was the PERFECT
session for that. Uber Coolness right here guys!!

Who doesn't like to get all teased and crimped up with fun makeup and
Veils!!! OH YEAH~ ;) These 2 girls can rock it out! Love you guys. xoxo



Lindsey's famous ya know... She's been in Movies! Like the Break Up!
Uh huh... and Changeling.... Yep. That's here... Many more too!


And Jessi's pretty famous too. She's the most frequent face on my blog besides
Laykin :)


4) Sara Smiddle:
I am so excited to share these AWESOME bracelets with you all!!
My buddy Sara makes them! Like really makes them, don't ask me how.
I just know that they are "so fashion"!

You can find them @ Tropical Rayz AND The Shiny Lime.



5) Just a snap shot for the paper:
I am super excited about Monica + Dusty's Wedding coming up!
She needed a quick little snapshot for the paper. Aren't they cute?!


6) Inspiring Blogs:
I have gotten to know Karla through blogs. They are truly amazing how they
bring people together. So fun. So personal. Blogs are great!
Karla's blog is all about life, her life. Her stuggle with breast cancer and
her will to stay strong and happy. Check out her blog and leave her some love:)

That's it folks. Random Wednesday has now come to an end once again. These
posts make me realize how fast time goes. Seems like every other day is
Wednesday now.
Hope you all enjoy your hump day.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Shonda + David . anytime

WARNING... lotsa smootchin ;)

Over the weekend I met up with Shonda and David from Cabot.
They were so much fun and a photographers dream.
They were up for anything and didn't seem to think I was
crazy :) which is always good!
S+D: I had a great time hanging out with you and it was so great
to finally meet you after months of emails ;)
I will be in touch with you soon...




I have many favorites from this session, but I think this may be #1:
Don't they look like models here. fierce models ;)













Then for a quick outfit change...




Monday, August 24, 2009

Make sure they Remember YOU...


I am SO glad to be getting some things marked of my list lately.
I have been wanting to do these CARDS for SENIORS since last year,
but didn't get to it. Well not this year. I am on it! I love them.
So mod, so cool, SO YOU.

Personalized cards to hand out instead or the traditional wallets.

You can add these to your Senior Packages starting NOW!



Senior Cards Front


Senior Cards Back

Friday, August 21, 2009

Out the door... BUT WAIT!

Headed out to get Laykin from school and run some fun errands :)
but wanted to share our PUMKIN PATCH! oh yeah, we have a pumkin
patch... more on that soon ;)


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

{ Random Wednesday }

I totally missed my 300th Post! GRRRR... I am not on it I guess.
I hope that everyone is doing well with back to school today :(
more on that in a minute... I had my coffee, got Laykin off to school,
started editing away and now it's almost noon and I have to stop so that
I can do Random Wednesday : Back to School!! I kinda have a lot of
Randomness this week, so sit back... grab a yummy snack or a slim fast :(
and hold on tight!!

1) Thanks SO much for all the BDay well wishes! I love you all!
I had a great Birthday too! Who knew that 28 could be so depressing!
I know that there are a lot of you out there rolling your eyes @ me
right now (AC) haha .... but seriously! It's SO close to 30!
I know... more eye rolling (MOM)! I guess I am just gonna have to suck it
up and deal with! Like Laykin did when she got out of the car this morning!
She was SO big!!

So for my Bday... Anne-Camille and I took the kiddos to Springfield to
Incredible Pizza! They had A BLAST! and so did we ;)


And then righhhttt as we were leaving SPGFD this is what we had to deal


We got SOAKED! Insanely soaked as we rush out of Lawrence Photo!!

Then when Laykin and I got home, we all 3 watched SPY KIDS 3 together
all cuddled up on the couch. FUN DAY!

2) WHO's THIS AMAZING looking 48 year old woman??


Doesn't she look great?! I just her focus on staying young and hot
@ nearing 50!! WAY TO GO N!! You are my idol ;)

3) Saturday... Jessi, Laykin and I took off early for a 3+ hour drive
to Miss Lauren's Wedding in Bella Vista. It was a great drive and such
a beautiful town and Wedding. This is the first wedding that I have
attended w/o photographing in ... um..... at least 3 1/2 years.
It was nice for a change to enjoy the wedding... you just don't even
know how fast they happen through a lens. ( did you think i would
have just one little snapshot :D


Congrats Lauren + Jake!!

and my stinker @ the reception:


4) Sunday evening we decided to celebrate my Bday early :D
Not even my idea... It was Kevin's... Thanks deary :)

So we had a yummy dinner and then took Laykin to play mini golf...
again... my point and shoot is always in my purse. (it's a little
fuzzy, but it's ok)



Untitled-1 blog

Oh she was SO nervous... She was NOT going to 1st grade. Staying in
Kindergarten forever. But she got out of the car, very nervous and went
right in... she knew that she had to, so she just did it!
and yes, I have already checked on her. her teacher is wonderful. we LOVE
her and so glad that Laykin got her!! I am super excited to be photograping
her new baby boy when he arrived in October.

6) Mr. Moby: Just because we love him...


7) I just love this shot... Love the detail... the head chopped off.
yep, that's me!! i like chopping head off haha


8) Ok, SO I AM SO loving this blog!!
I can across it from the amazing Lyndsay Stradtner aka Life in Motion...
and this girl cracks me UP! Jodi is a great photographer for sure, but
what makes her SO Great is her writing... Her in your face, no BS kinda
writing... and I LOVE it... here is a line that's great!
"WRITE PEOPLE! Talk about your lives! Your kids! Your cellulite! ANYTHING!"

BE SURE to check out her blog... OFTEN! :) and I may just start writing more...
about whatever... she's so inspiring ;)

OK! I think I am done... gotta get back to editing :D
Happy Wednesday!!! Until next time...


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