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Monday, August 31, 2009

Growing Carrots

In Kindergarten, Laykin started this carrot plant. It has grown and grown.
She decided it was time to dig it up. We don't know anything about the carrot
farming biz but we let her go ahead and pull it. Yes, you see a butter knife.
She was trying to "work it loose"! She digs it up to find a little stub, so then
she decides to just replant it :) hoping it will resume growth heehee kids!
love it!

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Anonymous said...

cute!! I am thinkin' a short fat carrot in that pot, ya think???

danelle said...

How funny I think your mom is right they usually have to have room to grow!LOL Love the shoes though!!!

jamie said...

like i said... no carrot farmer here :)


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