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Monday, January 26, 2009

{life with Drew}

I have so many images i want to post from our family session in California that
we did with the amazing DREW.
I had such A GREAT time with her and with this amazing family.
















and drew, our rockstar....



more to come of this amazing family, as well as, their story about the seven pink balloons.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

{SO much fun with Drew}

more to come when i am home.

{ we're @ the beach}

more to come~~~



{we're here}

long long day but we are here.
AC and i left this morning for Memphis @ 8 am to meet up with liz.
we just landed in California at about 10:00pm *your time*
just wanted to post a couple of pics and now off to bed, up @ 7am.

the 3 of us @ the airport restraunt waiting on hour flight from
Houston to Cal.


from the plane :)


and this ones for my laykin .... miss you guys.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

{random tuesday *10* }

i seen this little thing on another blog and thought i would add it into the mix for something new...

1. laykin is SO sweet. lastnight, as laykin was starring at me, she says that she just likes to look at me because she loves me that much.
then she says "i will love you all of my life mommy" aw... just gets me right there in the soft spot, ya know. love that girl~

2. i fell asleep in laykins bed lastnight b/c she couldn't fall asleep. we ended up talking for a while and it was way past bedtime when we, no when i fell asleep and she said "mommy, you can go sleep in your bed now." i was kicked out :(

3. i woke up at 7:11 this morning : dang alarm clock.

4. IDOL is on tonight and that thrills me!

5. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, wahoo we leave on friday, wahoo drew day on saturday.....

6. i hate doing sales tax reports. it really makes me angry.

7. i do however love this sunny day :) that makes me happy.

8. another thing that totally makes my day is that i now have a countdown to when twilight comes out on dvd. march 21st and i WILL be in line.

9. also, to anyone interested : david cook is going to start touring in mid febuary and i will be in line for that too ;)

10. i love comments almost as much as i love getting my large vanilla iced coffee every single morning....

Sunday, January 18, 2009

{my sweet daughter}

so, since yesterday was reasonably nice outside. a balmy 50 degrees...
laykin and i set out on a quick little adventure to show that just because
it's winter and nothings green, doesn't mean that you can't take photos
outside. a couple of years ago i probably woundn't have seen the potential
in the blah, dry, colorless days of winter... but i have come to the point
now that i can look beyond the dead trees and brown grass ;)
so anyway, on with the pictures of my sweet baby girl and her because i have
always had my mother in my face with a camera so i can pose better than tyra banks

amazing abilities in front of the camera. and if you are thinking of a session
in these lovely winter landscapes, just send me an email!!



Friday, January 16, 2009


first of all : that dang plane crash/landing in NY has me a bit freaked since i am flying next friday!

WAHOO. next friday. ONE week and i will be in sunny Cali... where the temp. is a balmy 80 degrees. i am so sorry, i shouldn't be rubbing it in since it's a painful 2 degrees here. BURRR.
i am just so stoked! you will have to check in next weekend b/c i will be blogging the blue sunny SO CAL skies. i am sure that AC and Liz will too.

and a photo of all of us b/c what's a post without a picture, right?!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

{OMG 20,000}

for real?! this is insane~ 20,000 visitors on this blog in just over 5 months.
i am so tickled!!! ;) thanks to ALL OF YOU loyal blog readers out there.
you just made my day!!! now go on, comment away.......................................

{more january ranomness}

laykin was sick a couple days last week and so she went to my moms during the day.
she had 5ths disease... after having hand and foot disease in december. i tell ya. i sure am loving this whole "school" thing GRRR. :) hopefully we are done with the sicknesses now for at least a month. anyway, she told my mom that she needed a project to do... and then decides that she needs a board. so, my mom gets her a board (because my mom is ALL kindsa crafty and just has random boards laying around)
heehee anyway, on with the story.... laykin makes me this board with my car on it and the word "keys" b/c she says "my mom can never find her keys" lol
check it out. this kid is genius!!

i am so excited about this ginormous image that just came for my hall~

sweet moby.


laykin asked if we could go to DQ and get a hot fudge sundae after school yesterday. i couldn't resist her sweetness. ;)

mmmm chocolate


these teeth are insane. the baby ones won't even budge.


killer moby. lol he was yawning.
kevin in his "man room" practicing... so cute.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

{baby models}

hello everyone~
i am looking for a newborn baby to photograph for a marketing
project that is less than 2 weeks old. i will waive the session fee and you will
get 50% off any prints you wish to purchase~
so, if you or someone you know has just had a baby...
have them email me i am taking the first person to contact me.

also, if you have a gallery up on
from 2008~ i will be removing them all to free up space
for my 09 sessions. i was extremely lenient last year on the
times i left them up and this year i won't be able to do that.
so~ you will have one month to make your selections.
if you need more time or need your gallery added back, it
will be 35.00
if you were still wanting to purchase from any 2008 sessions,
please do so by jan. 19th!

Monday, January 12, 2009


just wanted to share a little peak from a recent boudoir session.
of coarse i can't blog these and since that's all iv'e been shooting
recently, there's not been a lot of new sessions to blog about. sorry,
but this is all you get ;)



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