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Thursday, February 26, 2009

{miss lily}

lily was such a breeze to photograph. she told me all kinds of
stories while i was doing her photos.... she's so cute.
here are my favs.











Wednesday, February 25, 2009

{last call for easter sessions...}

Just a heads up... there are just 2 spots left for the easter sessions on March 14th
times are~ * 1:00 * 1:45 *
details are here~

Sunday, February 22, 2009

{davis family}

I really enjoyed meeting up with the Davis family this afternoon.
they are such a sweet family with two adorable children.
here are a few of my favorites from their session.













Here are the details as well as laykin's easter session to give you
an idea of what your images will look like.
email me @ to book your session

(i completely forgot her easter basket b/c i was so excited about the tulips~)

easter sessions




{first tooth}

friday night was the night... the night that my little girl lost her first tooth.
the last little bit of babyness... the baby teeth. it was sad. i really didn't
think it would be, but it was a little. kevin didn't understand. he said that it
is one of her milestones... "accomplishments" of many more to come. it had already been decided earlier in the night that she could make a little pallet
in our room. she does this maybe once a month and i don't mind it b/c i know
that she's just getting bigger and those things won't last a lot longer, so i soak it all up! her two bottom teeth have been loose for a while, i mean her perm. teeth are already in behind them... so it was really loose by friday night and
her and kevin spent a good 2-3 hrs working on this one tooth... it honestly
grosses me out and i can't look. it finally came out after 9pm WAY past bedtime... but there was NO going to bed until this guy was out!! after all the excitement of the lost tooth (that i will post about later)and an encouraging call from the tooth fairy a.k.a my mom : )... it was time for bed so that the tooth fairy could come.
so she crawls into her little pallet in our room (she wiggles
to much for the bed)with her tooth in her tooth pillow and her little light
so that the tooth fairy knows where to find her... kevin and i headed to bed
not much longer to find her fast asleep... and this is what we saw...


photography note: this image is SOOC.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

{i am going to be in Hardy...}

i am going to be meeting up the amazing fab 4 girls on march 8th in Hardy, AR
for a girly, nerdy, fun filled day just to hang out. i had someone ask me
this morning if i would do a shoot that day in hardy if i had time AND YES!!!
SO that got me to thinking that i could possibly squeeze in one more since
that town is so perfect for photographing in... if you are interested...
i will be booking one more session for this day @ 2:30.
it can be a SR session, family, e-session, child or just because you and
whomever want to have some great images ;) first come, first serve...
package/session options are on my website

and what's a post w/o a pic?? another cali photo...
p.s. easter and mothers day session info to come~ stay tuned!!!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

{sweet sweet baby...}

just thought i would share these few images of laykin from lastnight.
i wanted her to show my how loose her 2 bottom teeth were... i can not
believe that they are still in her head : )








now do i have your attention? haha i am NOT a rockstar but i sure felt like on
this morning. i was running SO late and got to laykin's school at like ummmm....
8:10 maybe in 8:15.
i know, i know... SO bad BUT it happens. anyway, on to the rockstar ;)
i walk in the school with her because i am sure there is something i have to do
since i have made my child late and there's a certain "fan" that happened to be
in the office. (name withheld haha)
anyway, this "person" gets up and starts to tell me how she looks at my blog
(and i am beaming i am sure, i LOVE to hear that there are really people that
come by my blog) she asks about mentoring and is just so sweet as she
sends waves of encouragement right my way ;)
this certain "fan" as she calls herself just MADE MY DAY and i felt like a rockstar ;)
thanks G~

Sunday, February 15, 2009


joy's hope is the blog of the mother of whom's family we photographed in Californina.
she is an amazing woman and an amazing mother and on her blog i came across
the story of baby Cora. She was 11 months old when she lost the battle against cancer.
i wanted to share both of these blogs with you and encourage you all to read Cora's story.
she and her family are from kansas and are just the all american family just like everyone
of us. it really got me how fast their world was turned upside down.
you can go back to the beginning of their blog, that is like everyones... a way for family
to keep up with everything going on in our all so busy lives and see how if goes from
christmas, to january 12ths ear infection to january 25th when they find out something
more is going on besides the never ending ear infection, to february
8th when Cora passed away. in 2 weeks this family went from normal life to their only
child being taken away forever. it's a tear jerker but definalty deserves your time.
such a beautiful baby girl, a beautiful young family.
julie (of joy's hope) immediatly turned to her amazing craftyness by making
these cute little headbands to go towards rainsing money for Cora's Playgound,
a legacy for Cora. i am not posting this for you to feel the need to donate,
i am posting this story because it got to me and i wanted to share it with all of you.
So PLEASE check out these blogs and think of Cora~

the mcclenahans (cora's mom)
joys hope (julie)


Friday, February 13, 2009

{baby M}

i LOVE photographing newborns. they are so sweet and "formable" ;)
and i have sure had two of the sweetest baby girls this week. LOVE it!
these 2 sessions from this week have both been for a promotion project
that i am working on SO STAY TUNED if you like the sweet little
accessories that you have seen... hats, cocoons ect...
for now, here is the rest of baby M's session. Sometimes modeling
just takes off at 6 days old...

















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