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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


now do i have your attention? haha i am NOT a rockstar but i sure felt like on
this morning. i was running SO late and got to laykin's school at like ummmm....
8:10 maybe in 8:15.
i know, i know... SO bad BUT it happens. anyway, on to the rockstar ;)
i walk in the school with her because i am sure there is something i have to do
since i have made my child late and there's a certain "fan" that happened to be
in the office. (name withheld haha)
anyway, this "person" gets up and starts to tell me how she looks at my blog
(and i am beaming i am sure, i LOVE to hear that there are really people that
come by my blog) she asks about mentoring and is just so sweet as she
sends waves of encouragement right my way ;)
this certain "fan" as she calls herself just MADE MY DAY and i felt like a rockstar ;)
thanks G~


Anonymous said...

i look at your blog ALL the time. i guess it could qualify as stalking. :) yes, people really do look at it. you're a great photographer!


Anonymous said...

hey jamie, it's kim...your "fan" called me today and told me she talked to you. You really are a "rockstar!" She was so excited to tell me about the conversation! :)

Anonymous said...

I have found your blog to most intresting and you take such beautiful pictures. I stumbled on your blg in an odd weird way, and i have checked on it everyday since then. I am always sad when there are no new posts that days! keeep the great pics coming

jamie said...

melissa, thanks so much. ;)
kim, you are TOO sweet. ha
anonymous~thanks, who are you?

Anonymous said...

My nameis Ashley, I was looking for my sister in laws blog she is an avid blogger and I came across yours she lives canada and I don't get to see her very much. You guys have the same name and the last name is uncommon that I found it wierd that you would have the exact same name as her! sorry if i freaed you out. I just wanted to give you credit cause you so deserve it!

Jaren said...

jamie, rockstar?!? Duh!! ;) ~muah


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