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Thursday, August 27, 2009

{ MY Tree Kicks Bootie }

well since only 2 people told me their fav's about fall :( ...
I can't just pick one of them, so they both will get a tree ;)
and since Neeter has told me a few times HOW MUCH
she would love one... she will also get one.
Congrats Ladies... I love you all.

UPDATE : ATTN all cool tree lovers
WANT A TREE?! one all of your own??!! wanna be a cool kid too?
i have only 1 more tree that could - be - yours!
Leave me comment below about your favorite thing about fall and 1
random person will be chosen by the laykin-ater! You have until tomorrow
afternoon. The lucky winner of "the tree" will be announced right here!

Check out my TREE! I lOVE IT. my mom, jessi and i all match.
we are the cool kids. :)

Untitled-1 b

oh no... now you all know who i am when you pass me. crap. lol
honk if see a tree~


Anonymous said...

Cause we're cool like that, huh!! lol

danelle said...

Very cute!!! You all are cool!!

danelle said...

I think my favorite part of fall is the weather and beautiful trees!! Sleeping with your window open, taking walks with my kids and husband, picking up those beautiful leaves with my kids to make a wreath. Watching the chip munks gather all the acorns they can for the winter....Fall is just relaxing:)

themartins said...

My favorite thing in fall is having the windows open and taking a long nap snuggling with my baby girl. I also LOVE all the pretty leaves that turn and enjoying days at the park. well there is just too many things that are awesome about fall. Luv ya Jamie

Anonymous said...

Lovin' that Tree! Bee-u-tee-ful!!
Anita...aka, Neeter

jamie said...

I love everything about fall.
I don't think that there's ONE thing that I DON'T!
I love the crisp mornings... the chilly breezy days, the birds, the open windows, the sweaters and jeans, nature days in the forrest, leaves falling (only b/c I don't have to rake them :)
I love Bean Fest. Even the Fair :)
I love our annual Oktoberfest with our friends and yummy food. I just love it all and the list goes on and on. Thanks girls for your comments. They all make my day!

danelle said...

Awww that is very nice of you!! I really thought that there would of been a lot of people that would of told you what they thought! Really didn't think I stood a chance:0) So excited though can't wait to see it!! Love ya too!!!


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