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Monday, August 18, 2008

i'm a big kid now.

but mom's not : )
so, today was laykins very first day of school. it was sad,
exciting and everything else. she was so brave though and
got out of the car and walked into the building all by herself.
we were SO proud of her. it was the lllooonnngggessstttt day
for us though. wondering... is she ok, is she scared,
did she open up and make a friend???? kevin and i were so
glad when it was time to go get her. she just hopped in
the car and began telling us about her day. she LOVES her
teacher, so that is so great... and she made a few friends.
so, i survived. and so did she...

before we left, she let me snap a couple pics.

and then we took her to dairy queen when we picked her up to get her a treat.
she enjoyed it while my dad was asking her about her day...


Elizabeth said...

This is SOOOO sweet!! I LOVE the hello kitty backpack. Oh- and I think we have the same phone! The pink razr?? Love it!

jess said...

How adorable. Way to go Laykin! We are so glad to hear she had a fab day. Way to go Jamie for holding up too;)

Shane and Laine said...

Yea! I have been thinking about her (and you) and I am so glad she had a good day! She will be the little darling of the class! Shane was quite impressed that she walked in all by herself!! Happy late birthday!!!


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