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Thursday, May 2, 2013

new home studio

I have been meaning to take and post photos of the home studio for a while now. I still have some things that I want to do and will share those additions as they are completed :) For the most part, it's done. We had another load of gravel delivered today for the driveway and I have to get my sign at the road and back porch done and put up. We are also adding some privacy fence in the back at some point. I bought some pretty plants and pots to make it look more inviting :) (I will take pics outside when it's not nasty weather). For now though, here are some tidbits around my new space :) I went from big, lotsa space to a quant just over 600 sqft space. It's all about organizing and the big storage building in town full of stuff! lol

IMG_4490-1 copy

IMG_4486-1 copy

We still have to paint the windows:

IMG_4493-1 copy

IMG_4422-1 copy

IMG_4437-1 copy

IMG_4438-1 copy

IMG_4439-1 copy

IMG_4441-1 copy

Laykin picked these for me :)

IMG_4443-1 copy

IMG_4445-1 copy

IMG_4453-1 copy

IMG_4457-1 copy

things to mail bucket:

IMG_4418-1 copy


IMG_4446-1 copy

IMG_4484-1 copy

my dvd's:

IMG_4483-1 copy

this never turns off :)

IMG_4474-1 copy

Storage closet #1 and packing room:

IMG_4429-1 copy

IMG_4430-1 copy

IMG_4431-1 copy

Thanks for checking out the new space :) I love it!


Shane and Laine said...

Love it and can't wait to see it in person!!

Holly Denton said...

LOVE! This is awesome!


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