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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Wow do I have a lot of goodies to share today!

1) Last week was Laykin's school spring program!
Look how cute they are...


2) When we left it was about 2 seconds away from storming... We looked up and
seen this! How cool!


3) Look what I got today. Super cute and fun.

SL b

you can get these at the amazing Shiny Lime Hair Studio!!

SL2 b

4) love love new things and love even more to see them! 16x20 collage!

16x20 collage b

5) I met up with these sweet kiddos lastnight.



6) Tomorrow and Friday are going to be crazy!! I can't wait though.
It's finally going to stop raining and I have 2 sessions tomorrow and
then Friday a Senior and a Bridal!!

7) I am excited to have Sunday off.

8) All of this rain is crazy. The flooding is insane. I hope that it ends very soon.

9) What did you guys think about the "Voice" if you watched it?
I did and I kinda think I like it. Not near as much as Idol (which I can't
wait for tonight!) but I do like it.

10) My husband is being very loud right now... He is in a band for those that
don't know and they have a show this weekend SO it is a tad loud in my house @ the moment. Especially when I have Ellen on too; ) hehe

HAPPPPPPY Wednesday to all of you lovely readers :)


Lara said...

Love the hair feathers. =) I want some!

Daisy said...

i agree with lara. i so want some feathers!


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